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17th December 2023

Broadland Bowmen inaugural shoot in their new location.



BBFAC were asked to vacate their old location as the company that owned it had sold it to housing developers, so that close to 300 new houses could be built next to the site and the current site that the club occupied turned over to public space.


Then like the rest of the world COVID came along, and we had to close and move our 2 containers loaded with all that we had to a neutral site where they stayed for 3 years.


By chance, a way of advertising for a wood via a local radio station came along and within a week of our plight being broadcast we had a phone call and where offered a new home for our club. The new club is some distance from our old spot, but the owner is a benevolent man who wanted to help and even though we only asked for 5 – 6 acres he offered us the whole 200!!


We had some money but not a great deal as during that period we had not been operating as a club with a wood, and we hadn’t had any revenue from club membership coming in. Nevertheless, we moved our containers and set up camp. We also applied for several grants to help pay for the work that needed to be done before we could set out our club and open it to our members to practice their archery, but we didn’t have any success with our application to Sport England, and some of the local opportunities for grant money didn’t provide any success either. So, we set about doing what we could with donations from some club members and the hard work of others.


To date we have managed to gain assistance with grant money from local sources and our club members have been outstanding in working all the way through 2023 to provide a 10-lane practice area, a permanent 3d practice area, and we hope to have other opportunities to practice completed soon.


This hard work and determination were rewarded with the club providing our first open NFAS shoot in our new venue on Sunday 17th December. It was attended by 31 kind souls who came to support us, and a fun day’s shooting was enjoyed by all. The club managed to make some more money to help us pay for more vital work, that will have us back to our former glory.


We had some very kind feedback from all the archers attending, who all stated how good the venue is for field archery and wished us good luck going forward to achieve our other club goals. The scores for the shoot are listed below:



Name                    Catergory    Score    Posn

Rick Bellars          AFB              472       1st

Peter Whitaker    G-BB-           498

Martin Kemp       G-BB-           442

Gary Fisk             G -BB           540        3rd

Mark Brookes     G -BB           506

Ian Desforges     G -BB           574        1st

Stephen Byford  G-BB            360

Nigel Moynihan  G-BB            562        2nd

Stephen Mill       G-BB             436

David Arnold       G -BH          516        2nd

Keiran Grundon  G-BH           520        1st

Owen Sankey      G -HT          456

Andrew Burns     G -HT         546         1st

Neil Gamble        G -HT          512         3rd

Tim Law              G-HT           522         2nd

Mike Strong        G-HT          404

Jackie Brookes   L -LB         446        1st

Claire Peeling     L -LB         352        2nd


Rosin Byford      L-BB          316        3rd

Kwan Byford      L-BB          358        2nd

Nicky Desforges L-BB         520        1st


Bridget Bellars   LHT         348         1st

Casey Burns       LHT         326         2nd


Gillian Mill         L-AFB       390         2nd

Alex Tyler          L-AFB       466        1st

Brian Richardson   G -UC   622


Colin Bonfield    G -TBH     498       1st

Frank Dutton     G - TBH    400       2nd


Kevin Button     G -PV        532      1st


Andrew Knott    G -FS       414       1st


Musa Byford      J-BB        432      1st


Ian Stanley        G -LB       476      1st




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