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We are a Field Archery club based in North Norfolk. The main aim for the club is to provide a SAFE and FUN environment for all!

We offer coaching for people for all levels of ability, including taster sessions for beginners. 

We are currently rebuilding having moved to a new site in 2023. Once all works are complete we will offer the following.

Four 3D target shoots a year, Winter, Spring, Autumn and Christmas, these are unmarked distance shoots over uneven terrain and sometimes around obstacles! Extremely good fun!


 We will also hold marked classification shoots in the 8 months that we don't shoot 'unmarked' - these all take place on the third Sunday of each month.

June 2024 Update

Our apologies go out to anyone who has tried to contact our club through this website. We have been dealing with many issues surrounding the survival of our club and we have been remiss in not answering any of your enquiries.

The club is presently still alive with 8 current members, but we will have to move from our present site. We will be moving as soon as we have dealt with some planning permission issues .

We would like to thank the owner of our wood for the support that they have given, and allowing us the last year in which to develop.

We will not be taking on any new members until we have found a new home and settled in (which we hope won't be long). Once we have re-established ourselves then we will be inviting members of the public to approach us for membership, and hopefully get back to providing beginner courses and a place for our members to practice their sport. In the meantime thanks go to everyone for being patient with us, and we encourage you to continue to support us and the sport of Field Archery.

October 2023 Update:

After months of preparation we are pleased to announce that as of 11th October 2023 that Broadland Bowmen Field Archery Club is now in a position to reopen to new/historic members & will be starting to run beginner courses from Saturday 18th November 2023. Complete beginners and experienced archers of all abilities are welcome.

If the above is of interest to you please contact us at for further details.


Hope to see many of you out on the range one day.

What we offer

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